#furry is a furry channel on EsperNet.


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  1. Common sense is a minimum requirement
    • As a user of #furry, you are expected to have a general idea of what is and is not polite and socially acceptable. This is a very general idea, one that is impossible to itemize into specific rules. Still, it is not difficult to acclimate oneself to what is acceptable within our community, and you should be able to know what is right and wrong shortly after arriving. If you are smart enough, this is the only rule you should have to memorize.
  2. Respect others
    • Everyone deserves to be treated with a basic level of respect. That's everyone. Not just ops. Do not flame, harass, attack, abuse, or otherwise be aggressive toward your fellow channel members. The same will be expected of them towards you.
  3. Do not be annoying
    • This covers many things, but of primary concern are things such as flooding, CAPS, and abuse of text formatting. It also covers being excessively confrontational or disagreeable. If it feels like it might be irritating to others, don't do it.
  4. Do not dominate the conversation
    • #Furry is a public forum for the exchange of many people's ideas. It is not your personal soapbox, nor is it a free source of therapy, nor a private roleplay room. If active channel members are not interested in a topic, don't push the topic. Do not use #furry to fish for attention regarding your latest personal disaster. Take private roleplay sessions to PM.
  5. Do not fight
    • People have different viewpoints. If you can't deal with that, you shouldn't be in #Furry. Some debate is acceptable, but remember that there is a fine line between a healthy debate and a fight. You will benefit from knowing the difference. Do not exchange insults, do not provoke someone who is not interested in a debate, and do not yell or otherwise be abusive toward someone who disagrees with your viewpoint.
  6. Act like an adult, not like an adult movie
    • We are not so stuffy as to ban naughty words. You can swear. You can talk about sex. But you are expected to be reasonably appropriate. Do not engage in sexual roleplays. Accompany all NSFW links with a proper warning. Don't go overboard in sexual conversations. Don't use obscenity in excess.
  7. Scripts are for DALnet
    • Do not use any script that outputs to the channel or its users. That includes music playlist scripts, bots that reply to channel input, and system information scripts. Furthermore, file serving scripts are especially unacceptable, and will result not only in a ban from the channel, but possibly a ban from EsperNet.
  8. #Furry is not free ad space
    • Do not use #furry to plug your channel, forum, product, IRC server, or anything else that would benefit you at the cost of the quality of conversation in #furry. You may show other users your artwork or writing (i.e. deviantART pages and similar), but if you are ever unsure as to whether plugging something would be unacceptable, it is best to ask an op.
  9. The ops are in charge
    • All ops have the right to act unilaterally. If an op asks you to do something, comply. If you truly believe that you were treated unfairly, speak to that op in private. If you still feel that you are not being given a rightful response, you may ask another op to bring the matter to appeal. Do not fish around the list of ops looking for the most favorable answer. We are reasonable people, but only to the extent that you also act reasonable. Furthermore, do not asked to be opped. If we need an op and you are the best candidate, rest assured that we will find you.
  10. Obey the EsperNet AUP
    • Network rules cascade down to all channels. If we see a violation of network rules, you will be reprimanded, and network authorities will be contacted. The EsperNet AUP is available here.

Access to #furry is a privilege, not a right. By joining #furry, you agree to follow the channel's rules. Fairness is very important to the staff of #furry, but ultimately, we reserve the right to remove any person or bot from the channel at any time for any reason.

Thank you for reading our rules, and we hope you enjoy the time you spend with us. =)

The Staff of #furry